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SEPTA initiated the King of Prussia Rail Project to evaluate an extension of the Norristown High Speed Line (NHSL) to the King of Prussia area. The NHSL currently provides service between the 69th Street Transportation Center and Norristown Transportation Center, serving the Main Line area in Delaware and Montgomery Counties, and connecting to Center City Philadelphia. While the Deleware Valley's transit system is expansive, a rail connection to the King of Prussia area is missing.

Travel to King of Prussia currently occurs by bus or vehicle. Frequent traffic congestion can cause unreliable travel times, hinder transit ridership and limit growth. An extension of SEPTA’s high-speed rail network to King of Prussia would provide many benefits to the region, including:

• Providing travelers with a rail transit service
option as an alternative to congested roadway travel.

• Attracting new transit riders, such as
shoppers, residents, tourists and commuters.

• Supporting economic development opportunities and
meeting regional sustainability and livability goals.

The King of Prussia Rail Project is evaluating various alternatives for a new rail connection between the existing NHSL and destinations in King of Prussia. SEPTA invites you to participate in the project development process and provide input.

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